the height of impossibility

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photo by John Scoggins

I would like to talk about mountains.

A while ago, I watched the movie Everest (if you haven’t watched this movie, you should). It’s about endurance and faith in doing the impossible—you know, climbing Mount Everest.


Throughout the movie, these people were training themselves for the real thing. As they journeyed up the mountain, little by little, they would come upon small obstacles—small because, compared to what they experienced on their last leg of the climb, it was nothing.


Before they began the treacherous climb that would define their fate, one of the characters asks this question: “It hurts. It’s dangerous. I gotta ask the question, you know I do. Why?” It’s a logical thing to ask, and if you watch the movie, you’ll be asking yourself why too. Why would someone spend all that money, all that time, basically risking your life just to climb a gigantic rock form? One of the guys offered an answer I find speaks volumes.

I have kids. They see a regular guy can follow

impossible dreams, maybe they’ll do the same.”

We all have dreams keeping us up in the dead of night. And a lot of us will do anything just to chase after it. Plenty of people have run a race they know they may never win. But they do it. Why? I think it’s because, in the end, we all live to prove something. Whether or not you think you’re trying to make a statement, you are. And we all seek something to live for, to show that we’re making the most out of our existence.

I think mountains say a lot about this. They are scary, yet amazing, and they can take you to heights that will steal your breath away. But at one point, they hold impossibility. Everest isn’t a mountain you go and climb without a second thought; it’s a choice and decision one makes seriously and with a lot of consideration. And when you’ve chosen to make the climb, you do so with precision. You climb until you’ve reached your limit.


Dreams are the same way. You can’t start something and decide you’re not good at it and give up (I’m talking to myself here). You have to keep going. Because you never know if you’ll reach the summit until you challenge yourself to. You’ll never know how amazing the view is until you make it to the top. It’s hard, it’s difficult, but you keep trying. Why? Because there are people watching you; and the ones who truly believe in you want to see you succeed. Their expectations shouldn’t make you feel bad when you fail, they should make you want to try harder.


I’m no better than you at achieving my goals.. We all have something we’re failing at. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep your head in the game and keep running the race you’ve chosen to participate in. And you know, if you get tired, take a break, remember to breath, and remember that you have a chance to enjoy your journey.


So today, lets both choose to climb impossible heights. Maybe we’ll inspire someone else to do the same, that’s the real goal. Maybe it seems like we won’t reach the very top, and you know, maybe you won’t. At least you tried. And frankly, I’d rather die trying. Wouldn’t you?


Oh, and don’t forget…

Nothing is impossible if you just believe you can.