the little things


This week was beautiful.

I don’t know what it was about this week, there wasn’t much to it that was different from any other—it just was. Maybe it was the weather, chilled and bright; blue skies and sunny. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, as if I’m just encountering emotions from old memories.

It’s weird really. But I’m not the kind to question Happiness. I look at it this way: Sometimes you have to sit down for a second and take things in. Happiness is an emotion that you have to grasp right away and hold tight to or is drifts off on the wind. Really, it doesn’t take much—or at least it shouldn’t—to find steady Happiness.

All you have to do is stand still, take a deep breath,and observe life through the eyes of your heart.Weather or not the sky is bright and clear,you will find something to smile about.

Looking back at this week, it was the little moments of recognition, things around me that you wouldn’t normally notice. For me, it doesn’t take much…




 i. feeling the crisp breeze blow through my hair

ii. wearing a thin sweater because I thought it was warm outside (and to me it was)

iii. looking at two year old photographs

iv. singing out songs to the radio

v. hearing the song that always takes me down memory lane

vi. playing my guitar

vii. playing my piano

viii. writing words that only I can understand

ix. looking at the stars

x. feeling that love all over again


it’s the little things that make me happy.