volumes of silence


This is something I wrote sometime ago that I never published, but it is still relevant today.

I take a deep breath, exhale, then repeat, breathing out all the chaos and irritations of life. For days I’ve watched the madness encircle even the ones closest to me. I shrink back.

It’s a constant struggle, watching and observing the hectic bustle of daily life. There’s so  much noise. Yelling, screaming, calling out for our voices to be heard over the din. We’re always trying so hard to lose our vocal chords just so that we might be heard.

Hear Me.

Pain, bitterness, hate. These are the voices that breathe the loudest in this world. They flash out in great big neon letters, lighting up the darkness without truly illuminating it. It’s often hard to see the hurt of the person in front of you when you’re being blinded by these colors of emotion.

We live in a world where no one seems to notice the dark corners and hallways where the wallflowers and shadowplayers linger. To be honest, they’re no different than anyone else. They, too, have plugged their ears to the deafening cries of humanity. So if we’re all fighting for our voices to be heard, what’s the point?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Love speaks in volumes of silence. In fact, it is so soft, you could almost miss it. In the midst of the anger and rage, it whispers. Then it listens. You see, there are pieces of Silence being passed around by the few who take the time to shut up and turn down their own cries of anguish. They have mastered this beautiful art. They can see beyond the bright lights and hear the language spoken in the spaces where the noise stops.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just rambling here. Maybe I am just another voice in the boiling chaos. All I want out of this is to cause you to reflect on where you stand in the whirlwind that is this world. Because honestly, there are plenty of people to make up for the madness. But when was the last time you shut your mouth and opened your heart?

When was the last time you listened?

When was the last time you heard?

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